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SporTracks is an application that will help you keep and maintain a healthy, constant rhythm of training and physical exercise during the entire week.

The program's main window allows you to view all the activities that you have planned up to three weeks in advance, in addition to being able to create as many types of exercises and activities as you want.

The button for creating activities allows you to type your name, the place where you do the activities, how much time you'll spend doing them, how far you plan to run, and the amount of calories you plan on burning.

Additionally, you can fully keep track of your activity, with graphs included--calories burned, how far you've run, time spent doing so, etc.

SportTracks is an excellent program for any athlete or person that wants to begin exercising. The results, in the long run, surely are much more beneficial that more expensive products such as Wii-Fit or Kinect.

Limited functionality, such as a 90-day record of progress.

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