Tops and Comparisons

The best way to analyze and evaluate a product is by comparing it with other similiar ones. Thus, we place special emphasis on software comparisons. Thanks to Uptodown’s enormous catalogue we can recommend many alternatives for the same task, meaning there is always a better option than that application you thought was the only one of its kind.


Five alternatives to Last Day on Earth for Android

We've collected the best alternatives available on mobile devices for Last Day on Earth, an amazing survival game that combines Minecraft with DayZ.

11 must-have apps for sneaker lovers

The best mobile apps available to help you keep up with the latest news in the world of sneakers and urban fashion.

The best reddit clients for Android

Unofficial reddit clients for Android that make for a better browsing experience and add some specific features

Apps for browsing the web without ads

Advertising is the norm on the Internet, and practically every website you visit is full of annoying banner and pop-up adds that make browsing...

How to add features from Windows 10 to your current version

It’s possible to add many of the features included in Windows 10 to your own version of Windows with a little help from free third-party programs.

Prop Hunt for Android: show off your camouflage skills in these...

Hide.IO and Hide Online are some of the best Android games that rekindle a fun experiment from the old Garry's Mod.

The best Android apps to take a breather and relax

We've put together the best free apps for Android to help you relax and live a better life. It's time to breathe.

WhatsApp wins on users, LINE on revenues, and Facebook on growth

We present you a comparison of the main instant messaging services according to their annual revenues and million of users.

Seven classic freeware graphic adventure games

Here are a few legendary graphic adventures you can play free and legally.

Minesweeper, Solitaire, Pinball: The classics never die

Classic games like Minesweeper or Solitaire are also available for Android devices.


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